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    Nutrition and Agriculture Assistants get Cashew processing training.   



    By |Sendoi Ndopu | 09/05/2022


    The Cashew Infrastructure and Development Project CIDP, conducted a Trainer of Trainers workshop at the Nangweshi Farming training Centre in Sioma District. The training was focusing on cashew Processing and Nutrition with Food and Nutrition officers and Agricultural assistants from all the 10 districts where the project is in operating. 

     Cashew is one of the crops that flourish in the western province, however high levels of Malnutrition are still common and the senior Food and Nutrition officer for Western Province Monde Lisulo Hatembo, who was a facilitator noted that if Cashew is utilized well, the levels of Malnutrition would reduce.

     “An average of 35% of children under 24 months are


    | By Angela Kabamba |30th March 2021 

    Cashew nuts are one of the most versatile and healthy nuts on the planet, and it is for this reason that they are incredibly becoming popular all around the