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    | By Sendoi Ndopu | 16th February 2022.

    The Cashew Infrastructure Development Project (CIDP) has been ongoing in Western Province since 2016, as it is aimed at rejuvenating the cashew industry and enhancing economic development in the Western Province.

     One of the components of the Project is providing market access and identification for farmers, which Sioma Acting District Marketing Development officer Alfred Manda conducted, by travelling to Mongu Barotse cashew company, to sell Cashew nuts from the Cashew Marketing Committees that were formed within the agricultural camps in the district.

    "We have brought the Cashew nuts which we aggregated from Sioma district, and we collected from the farmers about 850kg of cashew… we are doing this activity to help farmers have access to markets,” said Mr Manda.

    Barotse Cashew company is one of the processing institutions that is offering a market for farmers, by buying Cashew Nuts at k9 per KG as Technical Adviser Matomola Mukwenda elucidated while he encouraged farmers to aggregate.

    “We are buying nuts and our buying price is k9 per KG, farmers are very free to bring all their nuts, actually we have a challenge as we don’t have enough nuts in the province. We are affected with production and so when you bring your nuts, we are more than ready to buy right away.”

    Willis Lutangu was one of the selected farmers to help in the monitoring and selling of the nuts with the hope that he could go back to Sioma and encourage farmers to take Cashew growing as a business as it he saw the reality of its colossal lucrative potential.

    " We thank the Ministry of Agriculture for this cashew selling activity, as our Cooperative has been able to transport the nuts, I'm encouraging farmers to continue growing cashew as it is a crop that can make you a lot of money"

    The district was able to sell 733KGs and we can wish that this incites farmers to put in more efforts towards the Crop.