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    Nutrition and Agriculture Assistants get Cashew processing training.  



    By |Sendoi Ndopu | 09/05/2022


    The Cashew Infrastructure and Development Project CIDP, conducted a Trainer of Trainers workshop at the Nangweshi Farming training Centre in Sioma District. The training was focusing on cashew Processing and Nutrition with Food and Nutrition officers and Agricultural assistants from all the 10 districts where the project is in operating. 

     Cashew is one of the crops that flourish in the western province, however high levels of Malnutrition are still common and the senior Food and Nutrition officer for Western Province Monde Lisulo Hatembo, who was a facilitator noted that if Cashew is utilized well, the levels of Malnutrition would reduce.

     “An average of 35% of children under 24 months are stunted, we need to speak to that level, and in Western Province, we are fortunate to have cashew…..So when utilized processed and consumed well, it can contribute to the reduction of malnutrition,” said Mrs Hatembo.

     The workshop invited officials from Tisezo Enterprise and The Cashew Barotse company to help Agriculture officers learn how to process Cashew. This move was purposely done so that the ministry of agriculture officers can learn from one of the best processors in the province.

     By the end of the training, products such as milk, flour, snacks, scones, butter, fritters, caramel and tea were displayed after the training. The training also highlighted important aspects of Nutrition that are needed by the farmers.

     The Nutrition and Agricultural Assistants who were being trained were happy to have attained this knowledge and focused on taking this information to the farmers.

     “Our role is to take this information to our farmers from the district where we have come from so that they can be able to practice whatever we have learnt as it would improve their livelihoods,” said Michello Twaambo the acting Nutrition Officer for Kalabo.

     The Agricultural Coordinator for Western Province Derrick Simunkazye ratified that Government through the project has procured processing equipment at Simulumbe Research institute and invited officers to utilize these facilities as they now have been trained.

     “The project has procured processing equipment, and I am giving the nutrition officers an invitation to put these facilities to use,” said Mr Simikazye.

     The rollout for this activity expect to start a week after the TOT, the farmers are expected to acquire this knowledge at the household level as they can know the importance of cashew nutrition as well as proper processing methods that can increase their capacity to generate more income.