Component Name

    Cost (USD million) and % allocation

    Sub-Component Description, Costs (USD million) and % allocation


    Support to Cashew Value Chain

    USD 41.67


    Sub-component 1.1: Infrastructure for Cashew Nursery and Clone Gardens (USD 26.09 million, 47.1%)

    • Rehabilitate 217 km access roads in support of key cashew infrastructures and basic social services.
    • Develop 1 irrigation system including civil works for main cashew nursery at ZARI-Simulumbe Station.
    • Renovate 1 set of existing structures at ZARI-Simulumbe Station.
    • Develop 8 irrigation systems including civil works for clone-gardens and associated structures.
    • Develop a total of 3 irrigation systems including civil works for public demonstration nurseries, located at (i) Namushakende, (ii) Nangwesi, and (iii) Kalabo Farmer Training Centres (FTCs). This activity will include partial/selective renovation of existing structures at the 3 FTCs.
    • Develop 8 irrigation systems including civil works for community nurseries and associated structures.
    • Establish 50 community demonstration cashew plots, max 1 ha each.
    • Develop inventory and tender documents for rural feeder roads to be rehabilitated.
    • Produce designs and tender documents for all cashew infrastructure to be constructed/rehabilitated by the Project.


    Sub-component 1.2: Cashew Plantation Rejuvenation and Establishment (USD 12.95 million, 23.4%)

    • Re-establish canopy of existing cashew plantations (a proportion of existing potential cashew trees will be rehabilitated through top working with improved clones) (2,000 ha).
    • Rehabilitate existing cashew plantations (8,000 ha).
    • Replant the bare existing areas within the existing old cashew plantations (7,000 ha).
    • Establish new cashew farms/plantations (43,000 ha) including appropriate fire breaks and infrastructure.

     Sub-component 1.3: Infrastructure for Cashew Processing and Marketing (USD 2.63 million, 4.7%)

    • Support and facilitate the linkage of cashew farmers/producers to Private Sector cashew processors.
    • Construct 3 community cashew collection and sorting sheds.
    • Construct 4 District cashew bulking facilities/cluster centres to facilitate bulk collection of produce.
    • Develop 1 Cashew Market Information System (CMIS).
    • Construct 2 private sector led and 2 community-based cashew processing facilities through Matching Funds (ref to sub-component 2.3, below).
    • Establish 10 cashew nurseries through Matching Funds (ref to sub-component 2.3, below).
    • Conduct 1 gender-sensitive market research and development study.
    • Facilitate linkages among cashew value chain operators and other stakeholders for trade facilitation.
    • Facilitate development of National Cashew Quality and Safety Standards through Zambia Bureau of Standards.



    Capacity Building

    USD 7.26


    Sub-component 2.1: Training (USD 1.94 million, 3.5%)

    • Conduct training needs assessment (TNA).
    • Conduct GoZ staff training (project-related) including materials.
    • Conduct training for cashew processers.
    • Conduct smallholder farmers training.
    • Conduct 1 (international) farmers/staff study tour to Mozambique and 1 to Tanzania (max 2 international tours).
    • Conduct 4 inter-District (local) farmers/staff study tours.

    Sub-component 2.2: Technical Support (USD 2.83 million, 5.1%)

    • Develop 1 quality control management system to enhance product marketing (parameters: % moisture content, ratio of whole seed to broken seed, % impurities, nutrient contents etc).
    • Assess the gender roles along the cashew value chain.
    • Support gender mainstreaming activities.
    • Support Seed Control and Certification Institute (SCCI), for quality cashew seedlings.
    • Support Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) to produce cashew focus curriculum.
    • Support University of Barotseland to establish cashew focus curriculum.
    • Support ZARI to carryout gender sensitive cashew adaptive research.
    • Recruit 1 Cashew and Agro-Processing Expert (Technical Assistance).
    • Recruit 1 Gender Specialist.
    • Recruit 1 Environmental Specialist (short-term consultant).
    • Implement environmental and social issues including mitigation measures.

     Sub-component 2.3: Matching Fund (USD 2.48 million, 4.5%)

    • Awareness/sensitization campaigns about the Matching Fund.
    • Refine/adapt 1 CEEC matching fund manual.
    • Disburse USD 2.00 million in matching funds to support innovative and viable Private Sector and youth empowerment initiatives, along the cashew value chain.
    • Recruit 1 Business Development and Management Specialist (short-term consultant).



    Project Management

    USD 6.49


    Sub-component 3.1: Project Coordination (USD 4.22 million, 7.6%)

    • Establish and support the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) including recruitment of PCU staff.
    • Facilitate annual financial audit.
    • Establish and support activities of Project Steering Committee (PSC).

    Sub-component 3.2: Monitoring and Evaluation (USD 2.27 million, 4.1%)

    • Prepare and operationalize Project Implementation Manual.
    • Establish and operationalize gender sensitive participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system.
    • Prepare Project annual work plans and budgets.
    • Conduct Project progress review meetings.
    • Conduct Baseline survey.
    • Conduct Beneficiary Impact Assessment.
    • Conduct Project Mid-Term and Completion/Technical Reviews.


    USD 55.42